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Minister: Iran's Coronavirus Vaccine Tested on Animals Successfully

Minister: Iran's Coronavirus Vaccine Tested on Animals Successfully

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki announced on Tuesday that the country's researchers have tested the home-made anti-COVID-19 virus vaccine on animals with successful results.

"We have taken effective steps in producing vaccine and many Iranian scientists have taken rapid steps in developing COVID-19 vaccine and the Iranian coronavirus vaccine test samples on animals have proved successful," Namaki said on Tuesday.

He, meantime, underlined the need for global unity and cooperation in the production of vaccines and medicine in campaign against the novel coronavirus.

In relevant remarks on Monday, Iran's health ministry announced that it is seeking to produce homemade vaccine for the deadly coronavirus disease before the end of the current Iranian year (will end on March 20, 2021).

"A number of knowledge-based Iranian companies are trying to produce coronavirus vaccine and one of these companies will offer its achievements by the yearend," Director-General of Research and Technology Development Office of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education Hosein Vatanpour said.

He further pointed out that Iranian HPV and seasonal influenza vaccines will be produced and hit the market by the end of the current year.

The environment of producing vaccine and ensuring its effectiveness are of the two important issues, Vatanpour said, adding, "The vaccine production environment should be isolated which is underway for producing coronavirus vaccine."

He pointed out that Iran is moving forward in tandem with other advanced countries equally in a way that salient achievements taken in the country can compete with international achievements.

"Three knowledge-based firms are active in producing HPV (Human Papillomavirus Vaccine) in the country," Vatanpour added.

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