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The Purchase of a Tomotherapy Device for Cancer Treatment

The Purchase of a Tomotherapy Device for Cancer Treatment

                 "Over nine provinces are to be equiped with the tomotherapy devices for cancer treatment in the country; one of them, fortunately, is the province of Kermanshah, says the deputy of Food and Drugs Administration at the Medical University in Kermanshah. Describing the status of medical equipments in Kermanshah hospitals, he maintains, "The area of medical equipments may as well be divided into two sections; 1-the consumable medical equipments such as medicines and 2-the fund-raising medical equipments. The latter roughly comprises several thousands of items including the plantations, implantations, screws and plaques in surgery, artificisl knee, sterile packs and so on." He believes that there is a good reserve for the consumables despite the pressure imposed by the sanctions. With regard to the former , he announces that nearly one hundred billion tomans of the fund-raising medical equipments will be imported into the province in 2019. They are MRI and CT scan devices, ultrasound apparatuses, angiography, radiology and radiotherapy equipments. Imam Reza Hospital has been equiped with the radiotherapy device which offers services to the patients from the province as well as those who refer to the hospital from llam and Kurdestan provinces. Also, somewhat 23 billion tomans have been spent upon importing two more radiotherapy devices into the province. The private sector has purchased a CT Scan Angiography device as well, accordingly, the governmental sector intends to buy such a device in the coming days.

 The university official further adds,"Five CT Scanners will be ordered;one for Harsin, one for Sahneh, one for Paveh, one for lsamabad and one for the Taleghani Hospital in the capital of the province." At the end of his remarks, Mr. Qobadi declares that 33 billion tomans will be spent to import a Cybotron Device into the province of which only two or three devices already exist in lran.

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