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Patients Patronized under the Flag of Kindness by Hamedan Assembly of Health Charity Donors

Patients Patronized under the Flag of Kindness by Hamedan Assembly of Health Charity Donors


                  The managing director of Health Charity Donors Assembly in Hamedan province believes that the implementation the kindness project is one the measures taken by the assembly. He is quoted as saying," The project consists of assistance and consultation given to the severely treated and curable patients. At present, 1600 such patients are under the coverage of the project." The managing director describes the assembly activities by detailing the health and cure services in particular. The assembly has started its program in three special fields of activities since 2019. Mr. Saba refers to the field of constructing medical centers and adds," One of the medical centers will be the hospital for the all - purpose center of cancer which is under the construction with the help of the noble and charitable family of Mr. Farshchian and the university of medical sciences. It is to pursue the delivery of research, instruction, prevention, cure and assistance services to the cancer patients." The second project deals with the building of a dormitory for the needy and married students who are doing their postgraduate assistant program. During these years, 110 units of the dormitory have been completed and used for the third round of residing by the assistace received from the charity donors and Farshchian Foundation. 80 other units of the project are being completed at the moment. It is hoped 20 units will be exploited within the coming days. The managing director also points out the activities carried out in other cities of the province. He specifically names the dialysis department in Razan County which has been set up by the charity organizations; it is not operational at the moment.  Its CAT Scan section is under the construction as well. Measures have been taken in other areas of the province so as to improve the conditions of the medical centers. For instance, the all - purpose center of Salehabad has been operationalized by the aids received from the local people and the governor of that time. He expresses his hopes that the assembly be successful and decisive in improving the health matters of the public. Meanwhile, the instruction and prevention section of the assembly seeks to familiarize the public sector with their health matters further and points out how to avoid the diseases. This year, three goals have been inserted into the agenda   so as to prevent the breast cancer,  the large intestine cancer and the prostate cancer. Prevention will reduce the future costs of the treatment in the medical centers.

Another project of the assembly aims at supporting and empowering the children at   the families suffering from the diseases. The assembly members also pursue the trend to enable the disadvantaged family members professionally and skillfully. It has prepared some bouquets of flowers to be used in various ceremonies so that the income of selling flowers may be used as a source of

supporting the assembly financially. At the end of his remarks, the managing director wishes that the assembly will be given further help by the charity donors to reduce the pains of the patients and more inexpensive and more effective cures and treatments are delivered to the patients.



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