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Iran possessing upper hand in drone capability

Iran possessing upper hand in drone capability

In recent years, the issue of defensive and military cooperation between Russia and Iran has been pointed out by Western media outlets as part of bilateral arms dealings, and the speculations became more serious in October 2020, when arms sanctions on Iran were lifted as part of the West’s commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal, and the US government failed to restore the embargo by the use of legal proceedings.

However, many speculated that Iran will purchase Russia-made weapons because Tehran had been able to receive the S300 missile system from Moscow.

As the Western think tanks followed up the issue of renovation of aerial fleet and purchase of new fighters, no exert and media could imagine that Iran would be able to sell domestically-developed weapons.

About one month ago, the Western media published reports on the issue of the sale of Iranian drones to Russians and while both states kept silent in this regard, the Westerners claimed that 300 to 1,000 different types of drones were delivered to Russia.

The Wall Street Journal published a detailed report, referring to the impact of Iranian drones on the ground, which left many armored vehicles and other military equipment destroyed in Ukraine.

The American newspaper alleged that Russians could inflict severe damage on Ukrainian forces by the use of Iran-made drones, so they are considered a serious threat to the Ukrainian army.

Some Ukrainian top officers acknowledged that the usage of Iranian drones has helped change the situation on the ground; then, Kyiv hastily declined the level of political ties with Iran.

The Ukrainian authorities resorted to the American and Zionist officials to find a way out of the dilemma and dispatch advanced equipment to Ukraine.


** Iranian drone enhancing Russian forces

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy has reported that Iran’s military support for Russia in the Ukraine war would help Moscow overcome sanctions in procuring equipment needed in the conflict.

Although there is no official report or statement by Moscow and Tehran, some analysts of the American think tank believe that the cooperation shows Iran is keen on supporting Russia militarily, which can pave the way for improving Iranians’ capabilities in the military industry.

According to the think tank, the utilization of drones in the current war in Ukraine has improved the Russians' upper hand both in terms of psychological and technical aspects.

Ukraine has been using drones imported from Turkey, but Russia is optimistic that the usage of drones can change the pace of the conflict.


** The impact of drones on the ground

Western newspapers and mainstream media have published various reports on Iranian drones in the Ukraine war.

Middle East Monitor reported that Russia increases attacks by the use of Iranian drones, but Ukraine tries to prepare a fresh defense plan, while resorting to new weapons, including the new generation of suicide drones.

The Politico magazine has reported that Iran-made drones have turned into a new threat and a big problem for Ukraine, so Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has urged the US to send more advanced weapons to his country.

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy acknowledged that the dispatch of controversial weapons to Ukraine can pave the way for Iran to send short-range ballistic missiles to Russia, which is classified as part of the rivalries of big powers with the US.

On the other hand, some military experts say that given the fact the Iran-made drones have shown such good quality and capability on the ground in facing state-of-the-art American and European arms, other Iranian weapons in particular its missile systems can possess similar might or even be more powerful.

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