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Iran says ready to help establish peace in Caucasus

Iran says ready to help establish peace in Caucasus

Iran’s Ambassador in Baku Abbas Mousavi met with Azerbaijan’s First Vice-President Assistant Elçin Emirbeyov in Baku on Tuesday.

The two discussed the latest developments regarding bilateral ties, the situation in the Caucasus, and Iran’s principal stances on issues related to that region.

Ambassador Mousavi reiterated Iran’s positions regarding the immutability of internationally recognized borders and stated that there should not be any geopolitical changes inconsistent with Iran’s vital and long-term interests in the region.

He said that Iran was ready to help its northern neighbors, i.e. Azerbaijan Republic and Armenia, to achieve lasting peace in the framework of bilateral and trilateral meetings and the regional initiative 3+3 in Tehran.

Azerbaijan and Armenia began fresh round of escalation earlier this month after a few months of fragile ceasefire.

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