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Cold Storage Capacity Growth and Exports of Agricultural Products in Kermanshah Province

Cold Storage Capacity Growth and Exports of Agricultural Products in Kermanshah Province

اختصاصی سپهرغرب؛ Mr. Noorbakhsh Hatami, the director general for Kermanshah Jihad-Agriculture Organization, is quoted as saying: 61% of exports from Parviz Khan border crossing belongs to agricultural products and their affiliated industries.

The exports are mostly carried out by trucks. Last year, we increased the production level upto 400000 tons and our greenhouse cultivation of crops roughly showed a hundred percent in the agricultural sector.

The raised crops are of good qualities for the exporting approaches. We should prepare the grounds for exporting issues and adopt the laws and regulations which meet both regional and provincial needs.

The issue of exporting requires the provisions for the border infrastructures with a capable exporting management which will be reinforced by the presence of the creative traders who search for the proper marketing and market making in the target countries.

This year, despite the corona pandemic and the closure of many borders, agriculture has been the only sector which has experienced better growth in terms of exporting.

The accumulation and piling of the agricultural products in the borders serve as one of the officials' concerns in the province; therefore, both managing and economic teams and the governor at the top seek for the ways to solve the problem in Kermanshah Province.

They earnestly pursue the issue of organizing Qasr-e Shirin special economic zone. One of the challenges the province faces with is related to the management of agricultural products.

We ought to take measures to transact and export products systematically at the zero point of the border crossings. In fact, the transaction terminals

should be moved a further away from the borders so that we could supply the customers with our products with a better planning and management. This procedure prevents the brokers from exploiting the opportunities for their own benefits. Our infrastructures of storing the products are optimal because the capacity of the cold stores which was 5000 tons at the beginning of 2019 now reaches 40000 tons.
We are presently constructing new cold stores in various provincial counties so as to increase the capacity into 75000 tons. Our three-year development planning envisions a capacity of storing more than 300000 tons of products.

If it happens, the provincial officials will be able to manage and conduct the storage and export of a large amount of products in different periods. Their commercial and industrial counterparts are compelled to paying attention to the categories of  processing products and increasing the added values. The more agricultural products become transformed and processed, the better we will create the affiliated industries.

For instance, we may build a chips factory for the potatoes or make a paste factory for the tomatoes. Finally, we have invited the investors to join us in the processing and packaging enterprises because they are the priorities of Jihad-Agriculture Organization in the province

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