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Minister: Iran to open schools on May 16 to resolve academic problems

Minister: Iran to open schools on May 16 to resolve academic problems

Tehran, May 12, IRNA – Iran’s Minister of Education Mohsen Haji-Mirzaee said on Tuesday that the country is to open all schools to help solve academic problems of all school goers.

Mohsen Haji-Mirzaee said all the staff are required to attend schools to help the students.

In an interview on Tuesday on Iranian national TV, Haji-Mirzaee said all the students are allowed to go to school with masks and gloves observing social distancing.

He added that the school academic council will decide if to continue the sessions according to presence of students.

He said if the students have no problems with online or televised education, they do not need to attend school but the teachers need to be at their jobs, adding due to being vulnerable, preschool children and students with special needs should not go to school.

The minister of education said when schools shut down in the first days of coronavirus outbreak, 70% of the academic material was covered and the remaining 30% was later covered through online and televised education.

He said more than 12 million students used Shad application and the TV for their education and for those remote parts whose Internet connection was inadequate, printed material and educational packages were sent.

He added that the ministry of education is trying to make the Internet connection for Shad application free of charge.

Regarding the final exams, he said the ninth-graders should take their tests at schools because they are going to choose their education branch; no decision has been reached regarding the rest of the grades.

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